Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tom's Birthday

Tommy turned 34! He was so happy about his star wars cake. (Did I mention I'm talking about my husband, NOT my 6 yr. old?) Just kidding, he's always a kid at heart and he thought the cake was pretty awesome, well, I'm his wife, so what do you expect. Just humor people. This video is pretty comical, IF you can get thru my/our singing...

And just a quick word about the love of my life, he is my perfect match. We laugh all the time about how we're so perfect for each other. Not perfect, but perfect for each other. Speaking of laughing, it's my favorite thing to hear is his laugh, especially if I made him do it! His laugh and smile are so infectious, everybody loves to have him around. I knew the moment I saw his smile that I had to know the man behind it! He is the best dad, the kids pounce on him the moment he gets home. He keeps them laughing too. He is thoughtful and spiritual and he works so hard for our family, so that I can stay home and be with our kids, a blessing beyond words. He makes me happy, and what better compliment is there? Happy Birthday Tom!

Tea Party

I thought this was so funny because I used to do this when I was a little girl with my dolls and stuffed animals, and my little brothers would join in also! Full circle moment. Just had to blog it.

I mean, who doesn't enjoy goldfish and sugar water?

4th of July

We had a great time on the 4th of July. We went to my parents and did the waterslide and volleyball and bbq, it was great. The only bad part was that it rained and hailed! We tried to play v-ball even in the rain, but then it started really coming down, and then when the hail came we had to finally call it quits. It's been a very weird summer with all the rain. But we still had an all-american good time!

Devin prepping the slide

The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Stephanie and Brandon

Here come the clouds...

Kalea with cousins Bekah and Addie

Not the best angle...but still, you can feel the love...

Sassy above, toothless below!

Kai and Duke chillin on the tramp, and below, Darryl doin' what he does best

And Jett doin' what he does best!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bret's graduation and Jackson's graduation

This was Kai on the drive home from Arizona, he fell asleep while he ate his PBJ.

These pictures should be in reverse order, but this is Bret recieving his gift from the Pearce and Fobert families, a super nice watch. Engraven on the back is "For the hands of a healer, Dr. Bret Pearce."

Kalea and Cole

Bret's kids, Cole and Kyle and Ellie with Kai

Enjoying a celebration lunch at Macayo's in AZ

Me and big brother Bret after his medical school graduation and captain commissioning in the Army. Doesn't he look handsome in his spiffy uniform? Dr. Pearce! Wow!

Dallin saluting his dad, so cute

I did not get very good pictures of Jackson's graduation...but here's a few glimpses I guess. He was so cute, announcing that when he grew up he was going to be a "builder." That surprised Tom and I, I thought he might say a basketball player or something. But "builder" is a very vague title. He could be a builder of the Kingdom, a builder of humanity, a builder of buildings, a builder of new ideas, a builder of science, oh the possibilities...

(Stupid projector was in the way, and the parents were jammed in there like cattle.) Jackson had a great year in Kindergarten. He loved it. His teacher hand picked his teacher for next year so he could be in a special gifted group. His little brain is amazing! His teacher always told us that he was the best kid in class (I'm bragging I know, but it's true) and that her only challenge with him was challenging him! He also made a real close group of friends. I'm so proud of my Jackie Boy!

Kalea's end of the school year festivities

Kalea with friends at the 2nd grade pool party

Kalea and good friend Ashley at her teacher's surprise retirement party
Kai enjoying the festivities as well...

Kalea was chosen to recieve the Principal's Wall of Fame award. She was working really hard to get it, they don't just give the award to anyone, you really have to work hard to earn it. She was so proud of herself, and so was I. They had a breakfast in their honor.

Kalea's Cheer Camp

Chapparral High School had a cheer camp and Kalea really wanted to go. Her cousin Halee went too, and they had a great time. Their routine was so cute. Kalea even had a "solo" part where she acted like a spy with her fingers in a gun shape to the music of Mission Impossible.

Here she is doing some mad cartwheels. She is so stinkin' cute.

Field Day 2009

Kalea at Field Day, playing the water games. This is the kid's favorite station, lots of spraying water and screaming!

Jackson playing "dry, dry, wet"

gearing up

Kai's 3rd Birthday!

Here's Kai posing with his new movie from Nana. The Kung Fu Panda sequel...he is all about it!
These are all out of order...oh well, it's late and I'm not going to change it. After the day was over, this is how the kids went to bed. They made a fort in the loft and watched movies and had popcorn and all was giggly and well.

Everybody at Kai's chosen place for his birthday lunch...McDonalds!

His Street Fighter shirt (he can name all the characters, Tom could NOT be prouder...) and his new iron man. We got Jackson a red Iron Man for his birthday, and Kai can't stop playing with it. So we got him the silver one so they can play together. He was so happy!

Posing under his "Kai is 3!" sign, noodle armed.

CHEESE please. Mother moment, here it comes...but seriously, how cute are his little hands, I wish they'd stay that size forever.

Ecstatic about the Bolt characters on his cake. (He sleeps with them, dry frosting and all..)

My baby Ocean...turning 3! We call him "Specials". He really is truly special.
We went to Pump it Up, here's the boys getting ready to go down the big firetruck slide.

Jackson, Ty and Kai ascending...
This one was a real stomach launcher...Jackson was beside himself with anxiety...

Having a good time with the cousins. Kai is really something else. I'm so glad he made it thru his first year of life, (or I should say me, because he screamed the entire first year. Not cried...screamed.) He turned one and it was like this happy, funny, good little boy was unleashed. He honestly makes me laugh hard at least 10 times a day. He is so incredibly smart and witty, his humor amazes me at such a young age. He loves telling family has heard some of them probably hundreds of times but we laugh sincerely every time! "Did you get your tickets?" (to what?) "To the gun show!" as he flexes his biceps! and..."Do you know where the vet is?" (no, why?) "'Cause these puppies are sick!" Again, the shaking, intense bicep flex. I love his blonde hair blowing in the wind as he jumps on the trampoline, his favorite thing in all the world. I love his beautiful blue eyes, and I LOVE hearing his footsteps coming into my room to snuggle in the morning. I love you Kai!
Birthday dinner at Red Robin...notice at the end when Kalea asks for the cherry...