Friday, February 5, 2010

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

That's right, we had our ultrasound, I saw it myself, it is a girl! Kalea will get her sister that she has wanted so badly! For those that didn't know, we took the home test that you can buy at Walgreens, that is supposed to be 90% accurate, and it told us several weeks ago that it was a boy. So we were just expecting to have that confirmed and see all the body parts. But when I saw it I said, "Is it a girl?" And the tech said "It is definitely a girl." I started crying, I was so happy. Kalea did too. I was just fine with having a boy, just so ya'll know, but deep down I wanted a girl so Kalea could have a sister and we could definitely feel good about having our family be complete! Thank you to everyone that "thought pink" for us!