Monday, October 17, 2011

Jackson's 8th birthday

Here we are, another birthday at Red Robin. What can I say, my kids love this place. I always try to talk them into something different, but ultimately it's up to them, so Red Robin gets a lot of business from our family. Duke (Brandon's son) and Kai

Ty (Dane's), Jackie, Kalea and Bekah (Brandon's)

Dane was showing the Red Robin to Tali and Jett.

I love my sweet boy Jackson. He is the greatest first born son because he is a huge help, and he's a great example to his brothers and sisters. I remember back to when he was a tiny little preemie in the NICU, and marvel at how much he's grown. He's a tall, handsome, athletic, funny, smart little man now. I love him so much!

Lots of sleeping...

My Dad and Isabella (Kasey's daughter)

More pictures of the buzzes for Dane

Kasey and Katie's graduation from BYU!

Kasey and Katie graduated from BYU in April. They worked so hard. Katie got her degree in Dietetics, and Kasey in Mechanical Engineering. With 2 kids, it was no easy feat! I was so lucky to get to go to their graduation, without kids! I didn't know what to do with myself! Tom kept all the kids, and even colored easter eggs with them while I was gone. It was a great weekend. I gave them the traditional lei. Kasey had a stohl (sp?) printed in little Dane's was so neat.

(No, I am NOT pregnant in this picture, my shirt was bunched up underneath...blah)

March/April 2011

This was a common scene at my house while Dane and Jamie had to be at the hospital with Daner. Tali came to play a lot, and we loved every minute of it! Visiting Dane in the hospital.
This was March 31st, the day Dane got the bad news that he had leukemia. We are coming to see him at Children's. This news was all new and the gravity of it all was still setting in.

He got a basket of goodies, the first of many to try and keep his spirits up.

Poor little guy started breaking down when he realized he would be in the hospital for his birthday, April 12th. I couldn't bear it. I'm so happy to say that after a horrible 5 months, he is cancer free! We just returned from camping with their family in Moab and it was so great to see him running and climbing all over and having fun instead of sitting in that hospital room unable to move because of how sick he was. His hair is really neat looking, it started to come in pure blonde, and now his true brown is coming in underneath it. He is so sweet. What a trial.


Jett put his blanket on Tom for their nap! Doesn't quite fit...

I love these pictures. Keani loved to do this while drinking her bottle. She's about 9 or 10 months old here.

Surgery for the boys

This was not a happy day. Jackson and Jett had to get some urological surgery done to insure good "pee pee" health as they get older. Jett had a double hernia in his testicles that had to be repaired also. The surgery fixed everything, but they were in a lot of pain afterward and had to have catheters in for 5 days! They were miserable. Tom and I were miserable. I was upset becasue the dr. made it sound like it would be no big deal and they would be up playing the next day. He was beyond wrong. And holding your 2 year old down while he's screaming in terror waiting for him to knock out, not fun at all. So even though it was a time we'd like to forget, I figure it should be documented.


I have gotten way behind on my blogging. I find I'm just so busy it's very hard to get to. And, we've gotten a little lazy with taking pictures, we always take them on our phones, and then never take the time to figure out how to download them on to the computer. I made Tom sit down and figure it out, so now I'm blogging all the pictures that were on there. So they will be a little out of order, but at least it will get done!

Here is Kai and Jett, I read to them and have Kai read to me every day and then usually Jett falls asleep, and Kai gets up and does something for quiet time. But this yummy day they both fell asleep next to me...this was the view to my left.... ...and to my right. :)
Keani and Maleah (Bret's daughter) in December, 2010. Keani is 6 months and Maleah is 2 months.

Love me a Nini

Kalea, 9 yrs old

Jackson at age 7

Fell asleep in her swing, about 5 months old