Friday, October 24, 2008

My kiddos--my life!

Jett in his halloween getup
Cousins and best buds: Jackson and Ty. They played on the same soccer team. This is Jackson's first trophy! Way to go Tigers!
My birthday lunch at Hacienda's. Can you say fried chile rellenos....yummy
I asked Kai if he only used the markers on the paper, he said "yep!"

Adams and Fobert family craziness

PLD's-- Poor Little Dozers
PLD's--Proud Lounging Dad's

PFS--Pretty Fly Sistahs

Jett and Hallee, they linked arms! Future wedding video material!

The "big kids"

Whadda ya know, more PLD's--this time it means Pretty Lazy Dorks

Goblin Valley Camping

Tom and KaiWe went to Goblin Valley in Utah, (it's kinda near arches). It was so fun. Wendy's family met us there, as well as my Grandpa Johnson, Kasey and Katie, and Devin. Dane and Jamie's fam was there as well as my mom and dad. Here's some pictures of the fun.
Aunt Wendy, Sydney, Miki, and Kalea
We were all laughing so hard at Kai during this trying-to-get-his-pants-up-after-peeing-in-a-bush episode. After camping we have to remind him that when we get home we have to pee in the toilet again!

Jackson loves 4-wheeling
Me and Tommy boy out on the trails together, I told him to take me somewhere "easy", let me just tell you I'm lucky to be alive today. I'd hate to see where his idea of "hard" was.

This is such a cool picture of Kalea I think, and you can see the whole valley behind.
Me, Jett, and Kai

Grandpa Johnson and Kai

My handsome boys

Kai, Jett and JacksonKai fell asleep while eating his ice cream!
The Jetterbug, at almost 2 months

Sleeping angel, he looks like Kai's baby pictures in this one

Kai absolutely adores his little brother. This was too precious. One of those mommy's-heart-is-gonna-burst moments.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Jett's Blessing Day

It's official: Jett Douglas Fobert

We enjoyed having Mutti and Abba for a visit for the blessing. Love you!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby shower!

My sisters and mom threw me a baby shower, it was so fun. It was perfect. The food was phenomenal, and it looked so pretty, I had to take a picture! The girly cousins taking a "thank you pop" made by Bev. Quite possibly one of the most delicious desserts I've ever had. (Trust me, I'm a connosieur, and no, I don't know how to spell that...) They were made from red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting...cute and so good!
Kai was definitely a fan
My dad sitting in my fabulous group gift...a glider. I could sit for hours in it...oh wait I do...thanks everybody!
This could've quite possibly been the highlight of the shower, Jett peed all over Brooke! Thankfully she was a good sport about it while we all laughed and took pictures. Sorry Brooke!

Jennifer, Shannon, Lisa My mom, Bev, Jamie, Halee
Halee,Bekah, Kalea, and Mikayla
Lacey, Stephanie, Susan and her baby Shayna
Aunt Sandi, Aunt Lynette, Brooke, Lacey

More cousin Olympic pictures...

Eating their popsicles at the end of the events...
Tom wanted to have a go with the long jump, nice form big boy
Kai's routine on the tramp, also his favorite thing to do in life!