Monday, June 1, 2009

Kalea's Baptism

We didn't want Meilani to leave!

Kalea with Nana and Papa and the traditional comforter Nana makes for each one of the grandkids. Hers had little girls playing sports on it, and it has her name and baptism date on it. It is so perfect for her!
(above) Kalea with Mutti (Tom's mom) receiving a mini hymn book from Mimmie and Tompa (Tom's grandparents) and her own scriptures with her name on them from Mutti and Abba.

Tom's parents, Danelle, and Meilani
(below) Our fam...minus Jett, he was asleep!

Kalea's baptism was so great. We walked into the room to get it set up and there was Auntie Danelle and Meilani, Kalea's cousin from California that's 3 months older. They didn't tell us they were coming, it was the greatest surprise! Tom's parents came too and most of my family, as well as several friends in our ward. It was a great show of support for her and us. I can't believe my Kalea is growing up so fast. We are so proud of her!
The girl cousins

Meilani gave Kalea a "bff" necklace that they both have a piece to. They are so cute together.

Easter and Birthdays

For Jackson's 6th birthday we went to lunch at Red Robin, and brought special treats to his class. Tom had to be out of town though, so he got to celebrate his birthday again that weekend with Tom and Tom's parents and Danelle and Meilani, when they came in for Kalea's baptism. His favorite gift was the Nuggets jersey from my mom and dad, he wears it almost constantly. He has a liiittle basketball obsession people. He is always wanting to watch a game or sports center and is always shooting, no kidding, constantly shooting baskets on his mini hoop in the family room. If he gets in trouble I don't let him play basketball and he just thinks he is going to die a slow death! You should have seen his face when the Nuggets lost to the Lakers for the final game, he was trying very hard to be a little man and not cry, it took a lot of effort. Jackson is my marshmallow boy. He is so GOOD and so smart and funny, he amazes me every day. I love you Jackie!

Our camera went dead after this shot, so we couldn't get anymore of Kalea's birthday, but for her 8th birthday we went to Casa Bonita. This picture is of the mariachi band singing to her, she loved it. Her and I got soaked by the cliff diver! We also went to lunch at Noodles and Company with my mom. She got the Lips game, which is pretty much like karaoke on xbox. Kalea is my little mommy, she helps the boys so much, she even calls them "honey" in the mom tone. She loves to have mommy/Kalea time to do girly things, talk, paint nails, shop, baby showers, etc. She is girly and loves sports and is feisty and sweet all at the same time, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect, beautiful daughter. Love you Kalea Bea!

Easter--the girls

Da boyz

Nice pose Kai

Dying Easter eggs...I don't know about you, but this is a tradition I could live without...anyone with me? But the kids love it...

Spring break

Here is how we spent our spring break...playing in the snow. We had the snowiest April! We had a snow day in the middle of April! It was crazy. The kids sure loved this snowman. We all thought it would be funny to give him a kiss...

...but Jackson said, "I'm just gonna shake his hand!"

Cute mister Jett

Kalea showing off her "one spot" earrings for St. Patty's Day

Ok, can I just tell you how cute little 2 yr. olds in shin guards are? Kai ate this up! Here he is carefully lining up the perfect shot...


He even managed to mix in some kung fu!