Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My birthday, Halloween

Well, I turned 30 everyone. Doomsday came and went, with no pictures. I didn't think to take any, and Tom doesn't believe in pictures in general...so... It was a nice day though. We went to lunch with all of my family to the California Kitchen, then to dinner with just us and the kids at Johnny Carino's. So a yummy day of no cooking, works for me!

Halloween was good, but we only had the video camera with us, so I have to have Tom help me figure out how to download those videos onto the computer, and then we will see the kids in their cute costumes with their jack-o-lantern, etc. (BUT, just in case that never happens...) Kalea was Princess Leia, (I did her hair in cinnamon buns over her ears, it was very cute and I was very proud of my skills), Jackson was superman, Kai was Po, the Kung Fu Panda complete with eye liner filled eyes and nose, and Jett was the baby standby Green Dragon. Very cute. They loved trick-or-treating. I'm just glad that stupid holiday is over and we can get on to the real ones!
It was a snowy October...our kids had 3 days of school canceled in a row! I, being a native Coloradan, NEVER had school canceled 3 days in a row, much less in October! See my tracks at the bottom of the driveway where I got stuck! Kalea being attacked by the snowdrift!

Oh no, now Tom! (I guess that was the idea of these pictures...)

Kalea and Kai started making this snowman, while Jackson was at a playdate. Kai didn't last long however, and Kalea made the whole thing by herself!

Watch out! A mountain lion!

These pictures were at the Lowell Family Farm, it was a fun outing for the kids. They got their faces painted and picked out pumpkins and decorated them, went on a hayride, and went on a nature walk. It was a welcome reprieve after being quarantined when Tom came down with the swine flu and I was sick too.