Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year's Party

Kasey was in charge of the New Year's Party this year, so of course it was something creative. He chose to have a decade party, with each family assigned to a decade. I hope it isn't too hard to decide which decade we had...the 80's. Leg warmers were the coolest.My parents, the 60's hippies! My mom even put some orange flower patches all over her pants. It was so cute.
The 70's clan, complete with chops and Farah Fawcett hair-do's.

Here's where it got scary...Kasey's fam was the 90's. He chose to represent the goth statement that became big during that decade, complete with eyeliner, and black nail polish!
Devin was "the future." The mohawk was classic.
Katie had the classic 90's "do" with the bangs and the hair pulled back in the silver clip.
Poor Cody probably couldn't look at his dad.
We had decade-themed music as well as decade facts that we shared all thru the night, along with a pizza taste test. Cheesies Pizza from Elizabeth was the overall favorite. Games, food, laughter, banging pots and pans at midnight, it was a fun night. Happy 2010 everybody!

Christmas Day 2009

We only have these three pictures of Christmas Day, because of course our camera died. We took the rest on the video camera. It was a great day filled with surprises and lots of love! Tom was setting this easel up on Christmas Eve and was getting very frustrated and wanted to bag the whole thing, but I made him stick with it and it turned out to be one of the favorites for all the kids. Kai loves the chipmunks!

Holding up some of their loot. Santa was way too good to us this year! We told the kids they must've been extra good, which they were. They've been angels helping me through the first hard part of my pregnancy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009

This is the boy cousins showing off their new jammies from Nana and Papa on Christmas Eve. Jett was done by this point!
The girls showin off their sassy side...
The whole gang (minus Bret's and Kasey's)
My family came over for a Christmas Eve brunch and my mom requested the Nativity since we hadn't done it for a few years. It really couldn't have been cuter. Kalea was an angel, Kai was Joseph, Jackson was a shepherd. The oscar went to baby Tali, she was hilarious as Baby Jesus. She stood in the crib with a sucker in her hand and smiled and hammed it up for everyone. Jett created the atmosphere for a stable because he pooped his pants right in the middle of it!
The Shepherds, Ty, Jackson, and Jett not cooperating, so I have my silly face in the way trying to get him to stand up for the picture.
The shepherds being very afraid of the angels. Good acting Jackie!
The glorious angels, Bekah, Miki, and Kalea.
Baby Jesus, aka, Nataliya. Joseph (Kai) looking very thoughtful. :)
Kai, Addie, and Tali.
Such a sweet Mary and Joseph.
My dad, aka Papa, the narrator
Jett, the silly stinky shepherd

Kai's joyschool pageant

This was Kai's joyschool nativity play. Kai was a wise man. We love this group, they are so great.

Brandon did it!

Congrats to my brother, Brandon! He graduated from Metro State in the top 3% of his class. He is seriously the smartest guy I know. He is the best husband and dad to his family and I look up to him so much. Way to go big brother!

December fun

This is the Pearce adults all at our house for the presentation of Mom and Dad's gift. Bret and Arianne came in for Brandon's graduation, and Arianne made the beautiful DVD we gave them, so they got their Christmas present early. Can you tell where they were going after this? Pepsi Center maybe? Uncle Brandon and Aunt "Bev" making Jett happy, because he was being a bugger. Not a surprise for this little guy!
The girly cousins at our bowling outing.
A little brotherly love...
Jett shoved a fry in his mouth before this picture, hey, as long as he's not crying...I'm good.
Arianne and Kyle, hey, those french fries were making babies everywhere happy!
Some of the boy cousins, Dallin, Dane, Cole, and Jackson

I know Bret is going to get mad when he sees this picture because he doesn't like his little sister to appear taller than him in any way shape or form. Just for the record, he IS taller than me, he's just standing funny! (He's one of those that can't resist a bunny-ear on someone during a picture. Jett was the innocent bystander.) Bret is an expert fudge maker...not just any quick fudge. I'm talking our grandma Pearce's down-home, hours long process, if-you-look-at-it-wrong-it-won't-turn-out-fudge. He is a master, and he was sweet enough to share his fudge-making with me while they visited. He even puts a picture of grandma in the kitchen to watch over us! Bret is the funnest brother and I just loved hanging out with him! Thanks big brother!
Dallin and Kai really wanted to jump on the trampoline, so they had to do some maintenance first!
These pictures were at our ward Christmas party. This was the nicest Santa and Mrs. Santa. The kids always love this tradition. Kalea especially thought Mrs. Santa was a nice touch.

We got to have Ellie over for a few nights while she was visiting. She got to help us pick out and decorate our tree! We all agreed it was our most beautiful tree yet!