Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thank goodness for blogs...

So I've had one of those mornings/nights when there's nothing else to do but cry, laugh, take some video, and of course, post it on your blog!
So last night was the usual craziness with dinner, homework, bedtime stuff, etc. Tom had been gone all day for work and then Young Men's activities at church. To boot, his car wouldn't start. So I pile the kids in the car to go get him right after dinner. Tim Dickman picked him up on the way home from his work though, (thanks Tim!) so I turned around and came back. But right after YM, he has to go back to the work parking lot with my dad (bless him) and try to get the car to start. (Having a car towed didn't exactly fit into our December budget...)
Kai would NOT go to sleep, Kalea had extra homework I was trying to help her with because she had missed school for being sick, along with the rest of our family, we ALL have colds right now. Lovely. Jett would not stop crying all through me trying to help her with her homework. On top of it I am in charge of and was trying to plan Kalea's class Christmas party. I kept telling myself, "Don't lose it, keep it together man!" Little did I know the fun was just beginning.
I finally got to bed and couldn't go to sleep 'cause I was coughing so darn much. Kai kept waking up crying for no reason, ( so I thought) and he wouldn't say what was wrong, so I just thought he was having a bad dream or something. I finally start fading when well, you know what's coming... every frazzled story has a dab of puke somewhere in it. So ya, he is wheezin the juice all over his bed, (sheets which I just changed, mind you, due to a pee accident the night before). I clean him up and put him in our bed with a towel and bowl. (I love sleeping with those in my bed personally, don't know about you.) I get the job of cleaning up the chunkies, which smells great, all the while I'm coughing and hacking away with my stupid cold. Why did I pay for flu shots?
Tom gets up and goes to work, but calls me shortly after leaving and says the car isn't working and he's gonna try to get to a shop, which he does, but then has to wait outside for 45 min. 'til it opens. While it was getting fixed I needed to get Tom and take him to work. So I'm hurrying to get Kalea to school on time, and get all the kids loaded up, (still in their pj's.) (Don't worry, Kai had the bowl on his lap just in case.) It's snowing like mad, of course, which, normally this time of year I love, but today just didn't need. We're all ready to walk out and CRASH!! The Christmas tree falls down! Out of nowhere! Just to go along with the theme of the day. I'm just happy it didn't catch a kid on the way down. So there's ornaments shattered everywhere, water everywhere, Kai is crying 'cause it scared the poop out of him, and we gotta go!
I considered not going home after I got Tom to work, just because I didn't want to face the chaos. But being that I looked like H-E-double and the boys in their pj's and Kai with a throw up catcher on his lap, I figured there was nowhere to go that would welcome our clan. While I was cleaning up the broken tree and ornaments, it entered my mind to post this on my blog. And THAT made me smile for the first time that morning. :)
At first I wished all these things didn't happen, but then what stories would I tell? :> I'd love to hear about all your crazy days too, I know you have 'em! Thanks for reading about mine!