Thursday, August 28, 2008

My little "monkeys"Errands are exhausting...
One last camp trip before school starts. Kai isn't happy, but Papa and Halee are!
That's more like it...
Why do I even have them wash while camping? They're dirty 2 seconds later!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tom thought this was a very thrilling ride...So did Jody
Posing with the Viking statue at BYU-Idaho. Tom loved touring around his alma-mater.
Kevin took the kids for a ride in the "freakin diesel" semi, they all got to honk the horn, I'm pretty sure it was Jackson's highlight of the trip.
Cute babies Kai and Brock, soon to be big brothers!
Thanks again Adams' for such a freakin fun time. Can't wait to hang out again soon! "That's what she said." "Abort abort!"

Monday, August 11, 2008

Crazy fun times in "HI-daho" with the Adams Crew- 4th of July

Kalea and Peyton rockin' outThe Motley Crew
Boyfriends, I mean best friends...
Mand and Jode, getting fat, wait, that's just me... (we're due within a few days of each other)
Splashin it up

Denver Zoo

Riding the zoo train. Brigitte is the little girl I watched during the summer.Kalea petting the snake
And Jack Attack...
Posing for the elephants
Mommy and Kai...choo choo!

Fun with Ellie

Our fun week with Ellie Bellie!

Thanks Bret and Arianne for entrusting me with your little princess. She is a doll and we loved every minute!
Just filling up the pool, letting the true colors show...Best buds trying to keep cool
Showing off their manly tattoos
The fam at Old Chicago's for a rare night without kids
Ham and Cheeeese please!