Sunday, August 8, 2010

Keani's blessing

Here are the pictures of Keani's blessing. Tom's parent's came, and we had a great visit with them. We just love them so much and enjoyed every minute. The kids especially enjoyed singing with Pam and swimming at their hotel pool. They also loved their gifts that "Mutti and Abba" gave them. (Pam, Kai can NOT put the Elmo song book down. He knows every song, and sings all day long!)
The Adams' family came too, and we were so glad to have them there to share in the special day. They hung out afterwards and as usual, we had lots of laughs, and miracle of miracles, Jody stayed awake during a movie! We feel so blessed to have such great friends.
Kasey and his family, and Brandon and his family, as well as my mom and dad were there too. We missed Dane's family, who normally would have been there, but were visiting Jamie's family in VA. I just love having family close, and having such great men stand in the circle was so wonderful. I was so emotional all day because I felt so blessed. Thank you to our family and friends who helped make it such a beautiful day for our little Keani Lynne.
With Kevin and Jody Adams above, Tom's parents, Pam and Norman aka "Mutti" and "Abba" below.

With my parents, and Kasey and Katie.

Brandon's family

Kai (whoa) and Brock Adams
We had a yummy lunch after the blessing
And here are some cute pictures of our little angel.

(My favorite! Yawn, it's tiring being so cute...)

The commentary for the picture below went something like this..."For the love of all that's holy, go lay Jett down for a nap, he's driving everyone crazy...Wait! We have to get a family picture first! Jett, smile! Aww, forget it just take the picture..." A mostly happy family!

4th of July

Happy Birthday America!

Tom's parents came for Keani's blessing, and joined in the fun.
Keani's 4th of July dress
Bev and Bella, (Brandon's wife, Kasey's daughter)

Jackie Boy takin' a break from the waterslide
Shootin' the breeze with Tom's dad, Norman, and my mom, Denise, who's holding Keani. Tom COULD NOT stop playing word mole whatchamacallit to pose for the picture...
Bekah and Kalea
Jett and Kai with Kasey's son Cody. Cheetos...yummy and flourescent orange.

This next picture was taken at Tom's company picnic at Heritage Park.