Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kids being kids...summer 2011

Jett loving his ice cream...

Oy vey...

This is the pose Keani did when I told her to look at the camera to show off her first pigtails...silly girl.


I love this little fair princess!

The kids love the swings!Keani enjoying some cantaloupe while camping at Devil's Head.

Playing in the morning...

Cute pictures of Nini, are there any other kind?

Hershey's Track Meet

On a whim one day after reading about it in the Parker newsletter, I asked Kalea if she wanted to try out a free track meet. She said "Sure." So we went to Legend High School and registered. She got 1st place in everything she did! By a lot too! I was so proud of her not just for winning, but trying something new. She is a fabulous runner. On Thanksgiving (fast forward:) she ran a 5k with me!She ran the 50 Meter Dash, then since she did so well in that I convinced her to do the 100 Meter Dash. She also did the last leg of the 400 meter relay and the long jump. Blue all around! She got invited to the Regional Tournament but we couldn't go because it was Tom's company picnic. Way to go Kalea! A girl after her mom's heart!

Field Day and End of the Year Party

This is Mrs. Megee, Jackson's 2nd grade teacher. She was really a sweet lady and Jackson really enjoyed her.His 2nd grade class after their pool party.
Jackson's best friend, Caden. These two are peas in a pod. They are hilarious.

Kai at Field Day being goofy and doing "kung fu."

The Jetterbug

Kai adores Keani so much. He is so sweet to her.

Jackson getting ready to tug away...

Jackson with Jacob and Sean.

Kalea with her 2 best buds, Jordan and Sidnie. A lot of drama with these 3, but fun times too!

Kalea with one of her favorite teachers ever, (mine too) Mrs. Henderson. She was great. She moved to D.C., I'm sad none of the other kids will have a chance to have her for 4th grade.

Trying to hug Mrs. Henderson to get her wet!

Hannah, Kalea, Jordan, Olivia, Kelly.

Bride's room

We are getting ready for Devin and Sarah's wedding...I only snapped a couple pics 'cause it was pretty crazy getting everyone ready. Halee and I were bridesmaids. Sarah's sister Tamara helping her get into her dress...she was stunning!

The Infamous Incline

The people that I work out with at Boot Camp told me about The Incline in Manitou Springs and I've been anxious to do it for a while. The first time they went I sprained my ankle the day before playing tag at boot camp, yes, tag. (And I dislocated my pinky playing dodge ball. I love people's faces when I tell them how I've injured myself.) So when they went again I was excited. (Notice the black ankle brace.) This first picture was at the end of the Barr Trail that I ran down after climbing up the incline. Tom had an office picnic at Heritage Square that I promised him I would be home in time for, so the run down was necessary and awesome all at the same time.Here is the Cog Railroad going up Pikes Peak. This was one of our favorite things we did in the Springs.
I made it! It was super hard but amazing. I was the first one up from our group. The next one came up about 5-10 minutes after me. I was deemed a "mountain goat" by the group. Hey, I was in a time crunch. I made it in about 50 minutes. I had some random guy take this picture.

Some views...

The bottom, looking up...burning thighs here we come...

It really is an amazing hike. Beautiful, great workout, it is a must do!


Some pictures of "Nini." She's about a year old. I love her hands while she's reading the book.