Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dad's birthday and the kids

This is a quirky little thing Jett does. He always has his blanket with him...and he will take the corner of it and rub his ear with it. Whatever floats your boat.My closest look-alikes; Kai and Keani. My blondie and blue eyed cutie patooties. They are of the Pearce influence for sure, minus the blue eyes and fair skin from Daddy.
My dad's birthday bash at my house. Not quite as huge of an extravaganza as last year. For his 60th we had a huge surprise party for him. This year was a quieter affair, but still fun.

This is a cute picture of some of the grandkids with their beloved Papa. I am a little melancholy when I see this picture, because just a few days later we would learn that "little" Dane has leukemia. We were just talking with Dane and Jamie about how he had been so tired and pale lately. They thought he had tonsilitis. Look at that long, Justin Bieberish hair! :(

Jackson's leprauchaun trap

(I'm almost caught up...) Jackson made a pretty outstanding leprachaun trap. We used the same general idea from Kalea's 2 years ago. When the leprauchaun was lured in by the gold and signs pointing up to the rainbow, he would fall inside before reaching the pot of gold! It had fluffy tissue paper to break his fall, though, no worries. He was pretty proud of it. He didn't actually get to be there on St. Patrick's day, he was recovering from urological surgery. But his teacher said he got real close to catching the sneaky little guy and he left Jackson some treats inside!

Zoo Day

For Christmas my mom and dad got us a membership to the Denver Zoo. It is such a great gift. The kids love to go. Because it's free, we can take our time and not rush to see everything, because we'll be back soon. Me and my fifth born...
...trying to get her to look at the camera...oh well...

Nana came too, wouldn't have been the same without her!

Every day goings on...

Sassy "Nini"

This is one of Jett's favorite past times. He gets a stool or chair and puts it up to my sink and turns on the water, then finds things to experiment with in the water. I'll find things missing, and one of the first places I look is in my sink! He could do it for hours. We call it his lab.
And some cute ones of Keani. Playing with Mommy's makeup. Mom is trying so hard to get bows in her hair!

We went geocaching in our neighborhood. Tom and I and the kids had been to find this one before and were unsuccessful. But all together we found it. (Brandon and Bev were there too, but they didn't make the picture somehow.)

The girlies hunting for the darn cache, and lookin' good at the same time!

This is typical Jett, throwing a fit 'cause something didn't go his way. The kid can be such an angel one second, and a complete train wreck the next!

Jackson after going to dinner with Dane and Jamie's family at Outback Steakhouse. It was family night and they do face painting and balloons for the kids. Jackson and Ty asked to be donkey kong!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Super Bowl

This is how Keani feels about the Super Bowl... ...and Jett just loves all the candy, as portrayed by this slightly crazed sugar face
My mom and dad

Good times

Uh, Tally, what are you doing?

Kids at the adult table?

Notice the color coded m&m's, now that's spirit. (Green and Yellow, and Yellow and Black)

More food...

And Kai ready for the cold.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Keani's first Christmas pictures

Keani's first Christmas was so fun, probably mostly for me. I love picking out closthes for her and of course a baby doll! I love doing little girly things again.

Loves the doll!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Christmas Eve and Morning

Kalea loved her sweater with built in headphones in the drawstrings and a plug in for her ipod in the pocket!Kai wished, Santa delivered!
Hoping it's the ds....

The loot before the pillaging

Notice Jett's big boy bed!

This is Christmas Eve, Nana and Papa gave Keani the cutest fluffy zebra-striped coat!

Going to the opera?

The new jammies and robes from Nana and Papa

Oh ya, Santa is comin' tonight baby!

Cute sisters Ham Kai

Action Jackson

Nini's first pair of Christmas Jammies!

Thanks Nana!

Keani get's no lack of love around here!

Rip it open!

Can't wait to open Christmas Eve presents!

Jett was so cute with everything this year. The lights were "so beautifuw!" He was so enthusiastic about everything. Love this age.

Do you see the resemblance?