Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Get ready for a lot of pictures....We had such a great time in California. We stayed at an awesome beach house in Santa Cruz for the first half of the trip, then visited family in San Lorenzo and San Francisco for the 2nd half. It was the best time. I even got to go for a couple runs on the beach, it was quite therapeutic because the beach is just the best place to be! Am I right? Here's the kids roasting marshmallows on the back patio of the beach house...

Best buddies Jackson and Kai

Kinda romantic huh?

The purpose of this picture was to get the Santa Cruz Harbor sign, oh well, it's a cute family picture.

Love this one of "Mutti" (Tom's mom) with Kai

I'm trying to smile through all of Jett's constant splashing...Tom couldn't resist the west side sign in our nice family hot tub photo

This was a rare happy face for Jett, he wasn't a fan of the beach so much.

Jackson and Eli bracing for the cold wave

The sand castle

I finally got him to go to sleep, we propped the stroller back and bundled him in a towel and had a few moments of serenity...

Tom and Ben burying Jackson, standard beach procedure

Fobert Family Beach Headquarters

Jett Douglas with Norman Douglas

The Beach House

Chillin like Bob Dylan

We love our cousins
Liam, Kai, Eli and Sariah

Liam and Kai, the blondie, blue eyed boys

Tommy and Auntie Danelle working hard on the puzzle

Kalea and Meilani

Norman or "Abba" doing what he does best, makin' the grub!

Girly cousins, Sariah, Meilani, and Kalea Bea

Soakin' the sun


"Yes! That was a good wave..."


Love it...

At Daddy's stompin' grounds, this is Tom's parents house, the place Tom grew up mostly.

Thank you to Pam and Norm and Ben and Danelle and Mimmie and Tompa for having us and as always spoiling us rotten. We love you so much!