Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Easter was the usual fun...cute clothes, finding Easter baskets, Sunday madness, yummy food at the parent's, you know. Tom even allowed himself a little dinner. (He's lost 50 lbs. in a little over a month...) Just to warn you, you might die upon observing these next photos...they are THAT cute, so don't say I didn't warn you! (But I ask you, what can a mother do when she finds matching suits 60% off at Kohl's?? :) )

With Kasey and Katie in Utah

my crazy cousin Ambree!
Relaxing in the gliders in Babies R Us
Making Easter cookies with Brooke
Kai is un-impressed with Jen and Ben's conversation!

Utah Trip

Our last minute trip to Utah was a lot of fun. The highlights were: Visiting my grandpa, Jackson, Ty, and Kai played in his treehouse almost non-stop, belated wedding shopping and baby shopping with Kasey and Katie, Halee and Kalea slept over at K&K's, and the Anderson's, we got to hang with Devin at the mall where he manages a T-mobile kiosk, we went bowling with him and McKenzie and her family(which I don't have the pictures for yet, they are on my mom's camera...stay tuned...they are really cute), and hanging out with the Paynter clan. It was a fun time and the weather cooperated nicely!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jody Adams pressured me into this...here's our families together last spring

Some of my favorite photos

So here is the family, Kai is our baby, (until September) he is 22 months old. He is our little "clown" and talks a mile a minute. His favorites are green beans, baths, getting dirty right after a bath, and making people laugh!

This is Jackson, he is 4. He is our "marshmallow." He is soft, sweet, and easy going. He loves trains, preschool, sleepovers with his cousins and Nana, playing outside!

Then there's our oldest, our princess, Kalea. She is 6 and loves makeup (yikes, I know), reading, playing with her brothers, the tire swing at recess, basketball, and snuggling mom!

I'm trying to figure out this stupid thing, so far not much luck...stay tuned