Thursday, May 1, 2008

And this pretty much concludes our Disneyland trip pictures...we had so much fun and made lots of happy memories!Kai eating breakfast in bed...oh well, I don't have to clean it up!
Kai and the baby!
Kalea and Jackson got chosen to dance with the High School Musical show! (Jackson wasn't quite in the groove... )
Chef Jackson and assistant Tom making mickey mouse pizzas.
Chef Kalea must stop to pose...

Kai giving plenty of "Aloha" to Lilo
Right before this, Stitch tackled Kai! Kai loved it!

While we were there, Tom saw one of his best buds and roomates from Hawaii, Brian and his wife Laura and their adorable 3 kids. It was a crazy coincidence!

Disneyland Vacation 2008

We made a spontaneous decision to take a family vacation before baby #4 comes, and where else but the "happiest place on earth?" It was a great time of year to go, and we had a blast. Our favorite moments were: Kai: LOVED seeing the characters, he would hang on them and say BYE! to them a million times as we left. Jackson: The Matterhorn and Mulholland Madness. Kalea: Soaring over California and fighting Darth Vader in the Jedi Academy. Mandi: watching Stitch tackle Kai (it was awesome), Space mountain, Fantasmic, and watching the kids (Tom included) have so much fun. Tom: Meeting Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean ride, and everything star wars.

Jackson's 5th Birthday!!

Jackson is 5, seriously, where does the time go? It was just yesterday that he was our little preemie baby. He opted for a transformers party, and the weather cooperated so the boys did lots of fun activities OUTSIDE...yay for me. He then tuckered out in a "this is the life" pose that night!

Kalea's 7th birthday!!

Our Princess is now 7! My parents took her out to lunch and shopping at Justice, and then she chose a special date with mom and dad instead of a party (thank goodness) so we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then bowling. It was a fun night with our little girl.