Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our Christmas Card 2010

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Monday, December 13, 2010


I was in the middle. What a treat to snuggle these two yummy boys.Keani

Here are some cute videos of my kiddos. The first one of Keani goes in and out of focus...another case of the grubby mitts on camera lenses I guess. Jett is singing "Go Diego Go!" and Keani is laughing at Kai on the last one. I sure wish I realized my stupid bra strap was sticking out...just ignore that!


This is what Halloween does to children......and our bed...
Kai fell asleep watching tv in our room, apparently eating himself to sleep.
No, this isn't a nice "glamour shots" glow, this is "grubby little mitts touching things they know they shouldn't just 'cause they get the thrill of being naughty" glow. Oh well, you can still see how cute Keani is behind the "glow."

Captain Jackson won this huge pumpkin at school. At the last minute before he left for school that day, he ran up to grab a dollar out of his bank to buy a ticket for the pumpkin raffle and he won!
The traditional Pocahontas and Keani as a bee.
"Jett, look at me, look at me Jett....fine DON'T look at me Jett..."
"...Gotcha!" The Red and Green Dragon strikes again...(the hand-me down from each brother dragon:)
Kalea the "Spider Countess." I was going to put fake eyelashes on this girl, and when I went to put them on, her real eyelashes were longer than the fake ones! So pretty!
Pirate Captain Jackson and Kung Fu Master Kai
The whole bunch after getting their loot at "Trunk or Treat."

Crazy Hair Day

It was "Crazy Hair Day" at school. On D.A.R.E week, there is a theme for every day. Kalea had crazy pony tails and red spray in her hair, and Jackson had red spray in his too.