Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pool time

We sure love going to Brandon and Denise's pool. I love this picture of my 2 girls. Would you ever pick them out as sisters?
My kiddos and Duke

Cousin Addie with Keani

Blurry one of the Brandon Pearce kiddos with mine

Can't be too safe I guess...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buzzes for Dane

Our boys wanted to show their support for Dane by getting their hair cut off. We weren't able to go to the hospital with everyone else, because it was in the middle of our church time. So our boys did it the next night for fhe. Here is before... during....these made me laugh so hard

...and after. Handsome boys

They went the extra mile and we wrote Team Daner on their heads. It was a big hit at school the next day.

Love you Dane!

Kalea's 10th birthday!

Kalea wanted to go to the Spaghetti Factory this year for her birthday. We had a great time with our oldest daughter. She is so fun to talk and laugh with. Right before the Spaghetti Factory we went and visited Dane in the hospital, and I'm so mad that we didn't take any pictures. The age restriction for visitors was lifted on her birthday, April 15th, because that's when they officially declare flu season over. She was so excited to be able to visit him. We got her several great presents, including a new dance game for kinect, jewelry, hair things, etc., but she said her favorite gift was being able to go see Dane. She is so sweet and concerned always for him. I thank God every day for my beautiful Kalea. Happy Birthday "Ya-Ya!"
We got to sit in the train car, she was very happy about that!

Nana and Jett at Noodles for lunch

Daddy and his baby girl

Cole got to come to the birthday lunch, he was in town from Texas visiting Dane.

Birthday lunch

Breakfast in bed...the start of a great day of food!