Friday, February 17, 2012

Summer 2011

I took Keani and Jett to Challenger Park, it was really cute seeing Nini toddling around on the playground for the first time.

Jett napping with Dane and Jamie's cat, Smokey.

Warning: No makeup.

Double Rainbow! What does this mean? (ha ha. Youtube video)

Girl's Night at my house

I love my girls! We could laugh/talk all night. Kelsey, Britta, Shannon, Andrea.
Nice blurry picture, Cami, Lacey, and me:) This is a great candid one:)

More summer 2011

Here is Dane playing on his ipad while we were visiting him at the hospital. He loved showing us the funniest parts of Hot Rod.
Keani all tuckered out. About a year old.

I took this picture during my workout one morning, our boot camp ran up and down the big hill at 5:30am at this park (who's name escapes me at the moment.) It was really hard, but the view was worth it.