Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Christmas card 2011. My favorite family picture ever!

Jackson, 8

Jackson's baptism announcement

Jett, 2

Kai, 5

Kalea, 10

Keani, 1

Mandi, 32

The Pearce kids at Devin's wedding May 2011

A little here, a little there...

 These are some very miscellaneous pictures, just all thrown in here to try to catch up, as I've fallen behind.  I can't quite figure out why they are on the file, as these are all the start of videos that I've taken.  But I thought they were worth keeping nonetheless.  Up top, Keani fell asleep in her swing, right after trying rice cereal for the first time...
 Jackson, missin some teeth
 Jackson giving his Jackie Robinson presentation in 2nd grade, Mrs. Megee's class. My phone ran out of batteries, and this was the only picture I got. He did so well.
 Tom and I with Daner at the beginning of his journey in the hospital.
Playing with Cody at Stroh Park.

What is it with boys, rocks, and water?  They LOVE it!

Jackson playing tug of war!

 Keani loving the cantaloupe at Devil's Head
The kids loving the rocks at Devil's Head

Nini trying to get the hang of this walking thing!

Nini's first steps

Daddy catching some zzzz's

Visiting Daner at the hospital....

Daddy reading Star Wars to Keani

Jackson jumping off the diving board!

Me playing volleyball with my Tuesday night group.

Jett imitating Jack Nicholsen. "Good times, noodle salad." Broken arm and all.

Cutest little those lashes!

"Quirky Quin" aka Jett

 A couple of pictures of Jett being Jett.  He ALWAYS holds the garage door open for me.  Such a gentlemen!  And he loves to see things being blown by the fan or vent.  The pom pom is a favorite.  When he wakes up in the morning, he runs to the window to see if it is windy.  "Slow wind, or fast wind."  And we get the question 100 times a day, "Is there a storm coming?"  He is fascinated by the wind and lightning and rain.  Not scared, just completely intrigued.  People always say he's going to be a meteoroligist or poet. :)

Donuts with Dads

The kid's school had a Donuts for Dad Day, where the Dad's came in sports clothes and had breakfast with their kids.  Tom was just getting in from out of town, and I wasn't sure he was going to make it in time.  The kids' were going to be so dissapointed.  So I called my Dad and asked him if he would come with the kids.  Without hesitation, he said he would love to and he was on his way.  The kids were so happy to have their Papa there.  And Tom made it for the end.  I love my family!

Keani, her own biggest fan!

 When I was getting ready one morning, Keani came in with this headband on, then sat in the sink and adored herself.

More September 2011

 This is one of Jett's favorite past time's, anything water.  Or wind.
 The other favorite past time, the trampoline.

 Nini, 15 months

Loving the swings at Jola Park in Clarke Farms, and above, O'Brien Park.