Friday, January 30, 2009

Master of Kung Fu

Kai's favorite movie as of late is Kung Fu Panda. He is almost constantly doing what he thinks is Kung Fu. It is HIL-arious. Sorry the lighting isn't great on it, but you get the idea of what I hear all to my ears I tell ya...when Tom gets home from work he gets greeted with HI-YA! And karate chops perilously close to forbidden territories...anywho...(note that Kai is very proud of dressing himself lately and prefers his pants backwards...choose your battles right?)

Yummy videos, and I'm not talkin' food...

He was laughing so good, but then decided to stick to the "Baby Conspiracies" handbook and act like he's never heard of laughing as soon as we go thru the trouble of finding the camera, and then some charged batteries. Oh well, he gives a little, somewhat forced sample of his adorable laugh. The next one is the explanation for all the wet shirts you see in Jett's pictures...

Some cute pictures of our "Jetterbug" at 5 months old!

We were trying so hard to get him to smile, and so he finally did...well, we'll take the good with the bad...

More Christmas time

The Fobert grandkids: Eli, Liam, Jackson, Sariah, Kai, Kalea, Jett and Meilani
Mimmie and Tompa's house in San Francisco, thanks for the stocking Mims!
I thought Kai was showing me his stocking, actually his arm was stuck and he needed me to free him.
Thanks Mimmie, you're the best great-grandma!

Tom and his dad, peas in a pod

Tom's brother Ben's wife Danelle and Elias

"I made it!"
Tom is itchin' to get in there...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Time

We had a great Christmas! No white Christmas like last year sadly, but it was still great. The kids got all they asked for and more. Bret and Arianne came in several days early, which was great so we could see them before we left for CA. Bret took the time to teach me how to make Grandma's legendary home made fudge. I'm kicking myself for not getting pictures of it! The kids got all matching jammies on Christmas Eve from my parents, and hand made scripture totes personally made for each kid. They were so great. We had our traditional fondue dinner and put the kids down for a long winter's nap. Then what to my wondering ears should I hear, but no heater coming on...oh dear. Yup, our furnace stopped working early on Christmas morning! Luckily the fireplace kept us warm until we figured it out! I didn't take a lot of still pics of Christmas morning because we were taking video. Then we had dinner and more present opening at my parents, then we were off for CA! We had a great time with Tom's family. We always have the best food there! Yumalicious. So here's some pictures of the fun...oh, and sorry I didn't get a Christmas card out this year everyone, I know you missed it terribly...better luck next year!
Here is Tom's grandfather, "Tompa" with Kai at the famous park in San Francisco across from their house. My kids are the 3rd generation to have played there!

Kalea and Meilani, they look like sisters!

This was the coolest train. It is an authentic train from the 1950's, it's decorated to the hilt with lights and garlands. There was live music, hot chocolate, and cookies as we rode thru Niles Canyon. It was definitely a highlight of the trip. (Your eyes are not decieving you, Tom IS wearing sweat pants, will wonders never cease.)

Jett working his magic with his namesake, Norman Douglas, aka: Abba.

Jett wooing Pam, aka: Mutti.

The kids performing songs and skits with Pam directing.

Christmas morning, Kalea got her ipod, mom was a little sad she didn't ask for a doll this year, she'd rather have an ipod. What is that all about? I played with dolls 'til I was in highschool I think! You should see her sing with the earphones in her ears. My favorite is when I ask her to turn it off, and she rolls her eyes. It is a beautiful glimpse of teenage-hood.

The boys got bunk beds! Not just any bunk beds, but the family bunk beds that my mom's brother's slept on, and my brothers all slept on. My dad re-finished them and they look brand new. The boys were totally surprised and excited! I love their matching aloha quilts and grass bedskirt.

Making peanut blossoms on Christmas Eve, Diego (the cat) was a huge help.

Visiting Santa in Christmas town, (Parker). That's right we live in Christmas town. It was decorated so great. We went to have a free horse-drawn carriage ride, and while we were waiting we saw Santa several times because there was no line! Kalea told him she wanted her two front teeth! Then we walked down the street to look at the lights and were given fresh cookies from the store owners and listened to live Christmas music. Parker is the best.

Jackson's turn with Santa. He was mostly happy about the popcorn they gave him after!

Kai very plainly told Santa he wanted a bicycle and a helmet. Santa remembered!

Jett decorated by a snowflake. The kids thought this was the funniest thing!


My mom holding Jett during the Thankgiving program.
Brandon's daughter Bekah (above) holding Jett.

So I know I'm's some pictures of Thanksgiving. Tom is pretty mad that I posted this picture of him, but it's the only picture I had of the feasting table. That's what he gets for not paying attention, he just wanted to get his grub on.
I love my sisters! Jamie (Dane's wife with baby girl in utero, she was born Jan. 12! Name pending...), Katie (Kasey's wife and baby Cody), and Denise (Brandon's wife.) I have another one too in AZ!

Queen of Rock

That's right, I'm the queen of rock....Tom got me Guitar Hero for's to lots of wasted time playing. I WILL make it to "HARD" soon. I'm determined. Good times. I'll post pictures of Christmas soon....