Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jett's 1st birthday!

I can't believe our Jetterbug is one! Where does the time go? We had the traditional one year old luau and it was great. We went down the water slide in the morning, then all the fam and the Dickmans came over, and we had hawaiian haystacks and cake and ice cream. It was a fun day. I just love this little boy. He is our "long lashes" baby. The pediatrician said "He could be a camel with those lashes!" He has the happiest smile and he even "boogies" when he's really happy. He has a miss America wave too. He is pulling himself up on everything, his favorite is me. I love those beautiful eyes and happy smile and babbling sounds. Happy Birthday Mister Jett!

With Shannon
SO happy with my presents
Some of my favorite people...Uncle Dane and Aunt Jamie
The center of attention

Oh ya baby

The ceremonial first year personal cake was a success!

What are you all looking at? Are you sure I can touch it?

A classic gift from the Brandon/Denise family

First Day of School

The kids first day was a success. Their teachers seem to be pretty great so far. Here are their 2 friends, London and Breanna after getting off the "chicken" bus. (Animals are easier to remember than numbers.)

10th Anniversary!!

10 years!! Can you ba-lee dat? A decade. And still having fun. We found a great getaway spot near Estes Park. We stayed in this little cabin for 2 with a private hot tub. It was right by the river. We went hiking and geocaching, it was so great. This first picture is for all you SNL fans...yes, it is our VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!
This next one is on top of a mountain above Button Rock Dam. We literally had to scale forever upward to find the cache. We kept getting to the top of a cluster of rocks and thinking we were there, but the coordinates hardly moved. So we said, "it must be on top of those rocks," probably 10 times before we actually found it. We were so glad we did it though because the views were amazing. These pictures don't do it justice.

Tom signing our first cache!

The little love shack
...and now
Here's to many more happy decades!

Jackson's Baseball team

Jackson and Ty were on the team together. They were so cute!
This is Jackson signing a baseball with the stipulation that when they grow up and are famous, they have to give the baseball back to their coach!
Jackson playing 2nd base
Ty at bat and Jackie on deck

Summer photos

The kids caught a frog at Nana and Papa's. This is his tropical getaway bungalow.
Havin' some mac n' cheesey with the Andersons, Addie, and Brigitte.
Lovin' the bedhead chickenboy.
Coolin' off in our luxury pool!
This picture was taken to put in the display about Activity Days in the Primary Room for the Open House for our new church building that just opened. It is right around the corner from us, we love it. Kalea is sitting on our front porch holding her journal and journal jar that she made at Activity Days. Such a cutie patootie.