Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Musings

I am just up late because I can't sleep so I thought I'd just write a few things down that have been going on.
Kalea finished her volleyball season with a perfect record...losing record, but hey, it was still fun. Brandon and I were her coaches, and it was fun having Kalea and Bekah on the same team. Our team really did improve leaps and bounds by the end of the year, and it was fun helping Brandon coach. He even got me a "Coach Mandi" plaque. The parents all pitched in and gave us a card and gift certificate, which was so nice! We got the girls a trophy with their names on them. Kalea has developed a great serve, she hustles to the ball, and more importantly, she really likes to play. Let's hope she keeps that, 'cause she's gonna be tall! She started basketball now, and in her first game she had 8 points and lots more shots. She hustles and is really understanding the game well, so it won't be so frustrating this year to watch...yay! She is doing great in school and is wonderful here at home. She helps so much and she is my little sidekick. She loves to stay up late and snuggle and talk, which I just love.
Jackson also just started basketball and he scored about 20 points in his first game! (We didn't keep perfect track, but we think he made about 8-10 shots!) He really gets it too, and is the tallest on his team and he truly has a love for the game. It's so fun to watch your kids actually have FUN while playing, not just doing something their parents want them to do! He is excelling as always in school and is a natural leader and has lots of friends at school. He is also a very good brother at home and loves to help out with the baby. Tom loves having his little sports fan cheering along with him! (And he's killer handsome to boot!)
Kai is doing great in preschool. He wants to play basketball really bad, but we told him when he's five he can start. He can't wait. He is so enthusiastic about everything. He can't wait to be a ninja tomorrow for trunk or treat! He is my little comedian and keeps us laughing and amazed at the funny and grown up things he says. His little smile and blue eyes just melt me every time, and unfortunately he knows it! He gave a talk on Sunday and he did a super job. Once I asked him why he was so cute and sweet, and he said, "Because Jesus made me that way."
Jett is 2 and in the terribleness! He can be such a cute little angel one minute, then such a devil the next! He is potty-training and let's just say he's less than enthusiastic. He's happy enough to sit on it and watch tv, but when the show is over, forget it. He pooped on the carpet today and was right next to the toilet! I was like "Really!?!" I can't wait for it to be over. One positive thing that has come about because of it though, is he has learned his colors! No, not just yellow and brown, all of them! :) I would give him m&m's for sitting on the toilet and every time he would hold one up and I would say the color, and then he would repeat it, and voila! He loves to walk around and say what color everything is! So funny.
Keani is doing great. She is our little porcelain doll. She is such a contrast from Kalea. We compare Kalea to a bright, colorful, hibiscus, and Keani, or "Nini" as she's become known thanks to Jett, is our little dainty daisy. She is so delicate and sweet. She loves to nurse, and I have to say that I just love nursing her. I know that sounds tree-huggerish to a lot of people, but I just love it. I heard a debate on talk radio (don't worry, it was fm, I'm not THAT nerdy) about women who won't breastfeed because of how it makes their boobs look. Come on people! Vanity over the health of your children! Cripes. Priorities. I hope that will not make me unpopular with my friends, but it just irritated me. Not that bottle feeding is bad, it's great, for the proper reasons. Ok, off my soapbox. Keani is in the 90% for height. So true to her genes she's going to be tall. I just love her so much. It's amazing how fiercely you can love a little one even though they've only been around a few months!
Tom is doing great in his job at Sierra Nevada, he just loves his job, and he does well at it. Can't beat that! He is on Dane's basketball team and they get spanked every time, but hey, they are getting good exercise! He's been hittin' the gym (basement) a lot lately and I likey. :) I am doing good, busy busy busy. I just feel like there aren't enough hours in the day for everything! Today was the busiest day! But at 8:00 pm I started playing Sorry with Kai, and Tom was wondering why the heck I would start a game when it was time for bed. I had been telling Kai that we would play all day, and something would always come up. (Like feeding the baby, poop on the floor, school, piano lessons, dinner, homework, etc.) So I couldn't deny him again, those blue eyes, I tell ya. So we all sat around the dining table and played Sorry, and I'm so glad I did, because I followed through on my promise and Kai felt satisfied and happy as he climbed into bed, not neglected and a burden, which I am determined NOT to have my kids feel just because we have a large family. I am teaching 8 students piano now, which is a nice little side job for me and I feel I am using my talent and helping others. Plus a few extra bucks never hurt. I continue to work out and run when I can and that makes me happy and in turn, everyone else, 'cause if the mamma ain't happy... you know. We are looking forward to visiting family in CA for Thanksgiving soon, I can't believe how soon! Ok, I think I can go to bed now.