Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Christmas Nativity Scene

Doing the traditional Christmas Eve Nativity. Keani was a very good baby Jesus, held very still and didn't cry. Pretty sure Jesus didn't have a pink binkie, but oh well.

Jackson's basketball team party

This is Jackson's fall season basketball team party, with coach Sean Knapp. He did a great job with the kids. Jackson has really turned it on this season, he was the little star of the team. They nicknamed him "Buzzer Beater" because he had several shots right at the buzzer. He loved that! Tom and I had such a great time watching him this season, not just because he scored a lot, but because he LOVES it. Genuinely LOVES it. It has given him so much confidence. The next season he got to be on his best bud, cousin Ty's team, with Uncle Dane as coach!

(The boy on the right's name is Pearce, notice the spelling, also, his mom's maiden name, and his middle name was Jackson!)

Kalea's Basketball Team Party

This was Kalea's basketball team for the Fall Season. Her coach, Russell Nicholls, has been her coach for several seasons, and is also our good friend in our ward. Congrats on an undefeated season girls! Kalea's record high game was 22 points and 17 steals!!!

Keani 6 months old

I love this sweater dress I found for Keani at Gap, it is so cute on her, and I found a matching ribbon that I just love...

Kai and Keani, the look-alikes

Kalea's Class Christmas Party

I loved what Kalea's class did for their Christmas party. They made blankets for the Children's Hospital and the local firemen to give to less fortunate kids. They earned money for books to go with them and for the fabric. Kalea was very excited to do this, and she cleaned the whole basement to earn the money for it...(not an easy feat!) They wore their pajamas and had hot chocolate, treats, and a movie, and presented their blankets and books to the representatives. Very cool! This is the red and green jello popcorn Tom and I made at midnight for Kalea's class party. It was a big mess, but quite yummy. Thanks Jody for the recipe!
Tom, being a good sport and helping me the whole time.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Keani and Daddy

Here's some cute pictures of "Nini" with her Daddy! The kids and cousin Mikayla waiting for the carriage parade in downtown Parker.
And more pictures of Daddy and his little girl.

Christmas cookies

We love making and decorating cookies at Christmas time.

Kai sneeking a lick...caught!

The big sis feeding her little sis. This was some of Keani's first tries at rice cereal.

Below is Campbell Dickman, playing with Jett.

Christmas trees 2010

I know, I know, it's April, and I'm just now getting to Christmas. I've been swamped and have gotten out of the habit a little bit. So I'm playing catch up. We got a retro white tree for the loft, it was so pretty, we put it in front of the middle window, and from outside it looked so awesome.

Then we got our usual real tree for the downstairs. Here are the decorating (and sleeping under) festivities.