Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jackson's 7th birthday!

My Jackie Boy turned 7! He opted to have a family party at Casa Bonita. After Kalea chose to go there last year, he has been wanting to go ever since. What a quirky, fun place. I mean, cliff divers inside while you're eating? A bonified mariachi band singing to you, caves, pinatas, all you can eat sopapillas, live shows, arcades, it's a blast. Earlier that day we got him out of school early to have lunch at Red Robin, then we saw "How to train your dragon" on the Imax in 3d. He got great presents and had a real great day. He is the softest, yummiest, funnest, kid in the whole world. Tom and I joke that because he was born early, he was still doughy inside. Soft, doughy cookies make the yummiest ones, the same goes for kids. :) The 3 layer Spiderman cake!
"Happy Birthday dear Jackson..."
Rockies tickets from Nana and Papa!

Diary of a Wimpy kid! The kid loves to read.
Kasey, Katie, Cody, and Bella were there to join the fun, fresh off the airplane.
My best bud, cousin Ty.
Pirates! Arg matey...
A webkinz from Kalea.

Heading off to school after a nice breakfast in bed and a fresh new birthday outfit.

The Birthday Party

Kalea wanted to have her party at a spa for kids. It was ridiculously expensive though, so we decided to have one at home. I must say it was a lot of pressure. 9 year old girls are more particular than 4 year olds or something. I'm so happy to say that it was a total success. We had a fingernail polish/hot potato game to start, then we made fluffy flip flops, then had pedicures, then a pinata, presents, and finally, cake and ice cream. She had 9 girls there, and they were all really sweet and made her party a lot of fun.

This is my friend Jill Becko. She and her daughter Brigitte came early and helped me get ready, what a sweetheart. She even vacuumed and washed dishes! She calls Jackson her "boyfriend" to which he blushes every time.

All that was on Jett's mind was how he could get into that water!
Tom was our pedicure spa water changer. 10 changes in all, and not one complaint or eye roll. What a good dad!
These are the craft we made...fluffy flip flops. They were a hit. It's great because it doubled as the party favor.
The 8 1/2 months preggo pedicurist. Besides a few drops of pink nail polish on the carpet, the pedicures went over fabulously.
Cousin Bekah soaking her tired feet back to youthful rejuvenation at the Fobert spa!
And the other of the 3 musketeer girl cousins. What a blessing for Kalea to have girl cousins her age to grow up with. 2 here and 1 in CA.
My mom in the background taking a turn changing the water. She is always present at our family events and makes them easier and happier. Gotta love moms/nanas!

Kalea turned 9!

So my little Kalea Denise turned 9! I can't believe it. She is our "tax" baby, born on April 15th, but when people say that I also like to remind them that she was also born on Easter. Here she is holding a birthday sign she got on her desk at school. She is the funnest, cutest, spunkiest, sweetest, daughter you could ever have. We celebrated her birthday by going to lunch at Noodles, then dinner with Nana and Papa at Pan Asian Bistro. Then on the weekend she had a party with her friends.

Too close for comfort

This is what Tom and I found when we came in to check the kids one night. All squashed in Kai's bed. Apparently Kai was scared and convinced Kalea to snuggle him, then Jackson felt left there ya go. Don't they look comfy?