Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jett's 2nd birthday!

Jett turned 2! He had a fun day. We went to "Nuggets" or McDonald's for lunch with Nana, and his 2 best cousins, Cody and Tali. I will have to get those pictures at McD's from Jamie because I forgot my camera. He loves his chicken nuggets! We also went to Toys R Us to let him pick some toys out. No trucks or balls for this boy, it was DORA all the way! You should have seen him in the Dora aisle, he was literally jumping for joy at every single Dora toy. He's a little OCD, and he loves repetition! So the whole store heard "DOWA!! Nana, mommy, book! (look!) Dowa! Dowa!" for about 45 minutes at the top of his lungs. I thought Tom would never forgive me though if I brought home a Dora doll in a pink dress, so we settled on backpack with a Dora book and miniature Dora doll, a Diego dvd, and a Dora placemat. He was so happy! I love my Jett so much. He is definitely in his "terrible 2's" but I love him to pieces. His killer eyes knock every one over, and his dark curly hair is just so handsome. He has the best expressions and funny sayings. Happy Birthday Bug!

Jett trying to make a "2" with his fingers...
(Click on this one below for a close up of the famous Jett 'lashes!)
Jett loves using utensils now, so no more grabbing and shoving!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just some random pictures of the kids. Hi morning hair.:)Kai on his first day of preschool. He was very excited if you couldn't tell! He loves going to school. He only goes 2 days a week, and he wishes it were more. Mom can't be away from him for more than that. Kindergarten will be here before you know it, sniffle sniffle.

Top o' the mornin' Jetterbuggy!
Keani, as you can see, is "fluffing up."

Lots of splashing!

Pearce Family Reunion July 2010

We went to the Pearce family reunion in Utah in July. Tom couldn't take work off, so I went with my 5 kids. (I don't really know what I was thinking.) My parents are a lot of help though, I guess that's what convinced me. I'm glad I went, but I've never known such physical and mental exhaustion. It was great to see everybody. My kids had a blast playing in the stream and getting dirty, even finding and capturing bats! Here are some photos of our camping experience.
Kai, lovin' the dirt...
Kalea with her girly cousins. Elizabeth, Audrey, and Libby.
Neil was teaching Jackson how to skip a rock.

Jackson, Neil, and Michael
Happy for the time being, only 'cause of the water nearby and a sucker
Had to post this one for the eyelashes
This is Kalea's embarrassed face. Her boat didn't win and she didn't want to take a picture with it but I made her.
Kai was very proud of his boat. The kids made their own boats from various random materials and then they raced.
Uncle Devin and Jackson. Jackson's boat came in 2nd place.
The river and the boats.
Jett loved the water. Could NOT stay out of it. I think the delicate ecosytem balance was thrown off by all the rocks added to the stream by mister Jett. Here is his reaction to a big rock thrown in the stream by Papa. "WHOA!"
Big splash!
Papa found a bunch of big rocks and was throwing them in the water to make big splashes. The kids loved it!

Thanks to all the family for the fun times. I wish I took more pictures. Too busy I guess!

Keani's bath

I know these are a little late, but better late than never I always say.