Friday, June 18, 2010

This is the girls getting ready for my baby shower. Sadly, it's the only one! I was so occupied with visiting with everyone, that I forgot to take pictures, or ask someone to take them! It was such a nice night though. It was at my friend Shannon's Dickman's house, and my mom and sister-in-laws all helped. Bev made the cutest invitations and the ever-popular pink cake-pops with little "thank you" tabs on them. The food was so yummy and there were cute pink decorations everywhere. There were about 25 people there and it was just perfect. Keani got the cutest things from everyone. I feel so blessed to have such good friends and a loving family that would throw such a fun party for me and Keani. And besides that I've had so much help from everyone while we adjust and I recover! We have had so many yummy meals and my kids have had so many great play dates while I got to rest. I am so lucky! Thank you! She always has her legs folded up like this, I know she must have been like this inside me.
My little helper

"It was so bright mom, so we grabbed your sunglasses!" Silly boys.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jett broke his leg!

Poor Jett just got a cast today. It is so sad. He fell on the wet bathroom floor one night while getting all the kids bathed and ready for bed. He wouldn't walk on it for several days, so we finally took him in. He has a hairline fracture on his tibia. Despite how he looks in these pictures, he isn't too happy so far about it. Meanwhile, Tom is out of town, I'm not supposed to lift anything for 2 more weeks because of the c-section, and Keani needs to be fed every 2 hours, the kids are out of school and need taking care It's been a week. (Can you tell how tired I am in this picture?) Thank goodness for my mom, family, friends and Kalea helping me or I think I would go crazy. Hopefully it will calm down soon! :)

Kiddos doin' their thang

Keani just chillin' in mom's favorite hat

Sucking on her arm! Another time she tried to latch on to those little polka dots on the cradle bumper!

One day Kalea and Jackson decided to play "Indians." Here are their costumes. Kalea's is a real halloween costume that I've used several times. Jackson's, well, his is made up...
...complete with loin cloth tucked in the underwear, and war paint on his chest. Their imaginations are so funny! Jett is trying to decide what he thinks about him!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hospital pictures of Keani

These pictures were taken by the hospital photographers. I thought they did a pretty good job. All the headbands and hats were too big, but we made do. She's just a little peanut. We are enjoying her so much!

This one below is my favorite one. What an angel! She even knows how to "pose" with her hands!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Introducing Keani Lynne

Introducing Keani Lynne Fobert! (Kay-ah-nee, hawaiian for "wave in the ocean"). Lynne is my middle name, and Tom's mom's middle name, and we spell it the same, so she is named honoring us both, which I think is really special. Born June 1st, 11:56 am, 7lbs, 6oz, via c-section. She is a mixture of all the kids, but the most like Kai we think. She is probably going to have blue eyes like Kai. She is so tiny and perfect. I just love having a girl again, and the kids and Tom are just adoring her!
Kai is so cute with her. He always says, "Aww, she's so cute, I can't live without her!"

Proud Nana and Papa with #19 grandbaby.

Daddy with his daughters!
Jackson just loves her and loves helping with her.

First meeting

Needless to say, Kalea is thrilled to have a sister. She started crying when she first saw her, and said "I'm so happy! She's so beautiful!"
Big brother Jett giving his first kisses to baby sister, or as he says, "Baby Nini"

Principals Award

Jackson and Kalea both earned the Principal's Wall of Fame award. We are so proud of them. After their breakfast I went to the hospital to have the baby!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kai's 4th Birthday!

Kai turned 4!! He absolutely had to have breakfast in bed, since the older kids did. He was thrilled. Then he had a party at Party On, it was a complete success! Happy Birthday Kai!Kai has been in love with Kung Fu ever since Kung Fu Panda came out. He is constantly kung fu-ing something or someone. Now Karate Kid is coming out and guess who can't wait to see it? We showed him the old Karate Kid movie, and we've been getting crane-kicked ever since.

And a random one of Jett. I love this kids eyes and dark, curly hair. He gets comments daily about his long lashes. He's a pretty boy, what can I say?