Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jackson the comedian

This is another poorly lit video of Jackson getting Jett to laugh. Again, the best of it was over by the time I grabbed the camera, but it was still cute. Is there a better sound than a baby laughing? Kai thought it was pretty funny too, you hear him laughing in the background. (The video function of my digital camera apparently needs professional, commercial grade lighting for a good picture...)

Random photo shoot

Just some random pictures at the top...when Tom's out of town they all end up in my room, I sleep better that me crazy. Tom's been out of town quite a bit lately, and I don't like it one little bit. Single mommin is not for me. I need his big arms at the end of the day! So when he comes home for the weekend, it is a big deal at our house. We decided to make him some cookies to welcome him home, and the kids kinda went crazy with the camera. I asked them why and they said, "Mom, you look so pretty in your new apron making cookies!" Ok then, domestic goddess, that's me. (My mom gave me the cute apron for Christmas...) I feel funny posting these, ('cause I'm not used to being the one in the pictures...) but it was cute, and hey, I've actually got my hair done and even a little makeup, so why not create the illusion that this is perfectly normal? Then, the cookies went in the oven, and the pictures kept snapping...alrighty then. **Side note: That egg Kai was posing with? Ya, that ended up broken on the floor about 3 seconds later. Mom's should be psychics, I kept telling him, you're gonna drop it, put it back...ok, fine you can hold it for the picture...SPLAT.